teddy-bear.gifLesson Plans

  • Read the story, Corduroy, in a Read-Aloud session.
  • Spelling Activity: After reading the story, students will visit the site Word Wizard. This site gives students clues to words which the students must spell. Then it will ask them a question about Corduroy. They must spell the word, but the letters are provided. They just have to put them in the correct order.
  • Reading Activity: Students will think back to the story to decide who was their favorite character. Give each student a copy of the Favorite Character worksheet found on the handout page. When students are finished have them share their answers with the class.
  • Fluency Activity: Since this story is about friendship, teach the children the poem, “Bear Hugs”. You can find the poem on this website: Bear HugsYou can practice rhyming skills and fluency skills by reciting a poem. Use an LCD projector to display the poem and practice it with the children. Then direct the students to the student page of this wiki and let the children practice reading the poem with a buddy.
  • Writing Activity: To continue the friendship theme from Corduroy, the children will write and send each other a Teddy-Gram, which is just like a telegram but you hand deliver it instead of mailing it. From the student page students will go to the Free Teddy Bear Clipart site to choose a bear to print from the computer to use on their Teddy-Gram. Then the children will write a message or draw a picture to give to their friend. You can find step by step instructions for saving a picture on the student page. You will need to model these steps with the students. You will need to photo copy each student a copy of the Creating a Teddy Gram directions found on the handout page.

More activities that can be added to your Corduroy theme.

Math Activity
Graphing Gummi Bears
Supply your class with gummy bears and a copy of the gummi bear graph found on the handouts page. Have them use their bag of gummi bears to complete this graph. Each student should get 12 gummi bears in a baggie. When they have colored their graph, have them switch graphs with a partner to complete the questions

This document has many more teddy bear activities for integrating across the curriculum. Corduroy Theme