Welcome to an Adventure With Corduroy

Are you ready for a teddy bear adventure? I am so let's begin.
After you have read the story Corduroy with your teacher click on Word Wizard to practice spelling words. Enter your name and then click on the book, Corduroy. You will listen to the clues, then drag the letters to spell the correct word. Your words will lead you to answering clues about the story.

Word Wizard

Did you have fun? I am sure you did. Now think about the book, Corduroy.

Favorite Book Character From Corduroy

Everyone has favorite characters when they read a story. Who was your favorite character in this book?
Your teacher will give you a worksheet for you to write about your favorite character from this book. After you have finished you will share your answers with the class.


Teddy Bear Poetry

Teddy Bears are soft and want to be hugged. Let's learn a poem about Bear Hugs.
First listen to your teacher as she introduces the poem. Then we will come back here to practice reading the poem.

Are you ready to read it with a partner?
Click on this link to the poem and take turns reading the poem with a partner.

Bear Hugs


Friendship Teddy Gram

How did you do? I am sure you were GREAT!
You know Lisa and Corduroy were best friends. Friends are nice to have. Let's write a teddy-gram to one of our friends.

First you will need a picture of a teddy bear. Go to the site Free Teddy Bear Clipart and pick out one of the pictures that you would like to put on your teddy-gram.
After you have selected a picture, follow these steps to save the picture to your desktop. Your teacher will model this for you.

Directions: Saving a picture to your desktop.
1. Hold your Ctrl key down and hold your clicker on the teddy bear you want to use.
2. A new menu will open
3. Click on: Save image as.
4. When the new box opens, make sure the where box says desktop then click save.

Free Teddy Bear Clipart

Now your teacher will give you a worksheet with the directions for creating your Teddy Gram. Make sure that you write a friendly note to your friend.
Include the following in your message:

You are a good friend because .

The best thing about you is .

I liked it when we .

When you finish your teddy gram, deliver it to your special friend.

I hope you had fun on our Tedd Bear Adventure. Your teacher may have more fun things for you to do with teddy bears.

Bye Bye.